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Lisa Hamilton, LCSW - Therapy for grief and loss

Grief and Loss

Individual therapy is offered for adults and teens who are:

  • Grieving the death of a child, partner, sibling, parent, or someone else close to them.

  • Coping with the loss of a pet.

  • Facing another type of loss, such as the loss of an important relationship or separation from a caregiver.

Lisa Hamilton, LCSW - Therapy for grief and loss
Lisa Hamilton, LCSW - Therapy for grief and loss
Lisa Hamilton, LCSW - therapy for grief and loss

Is your grief affecting your relationships, or your performance at work or in school?

Is it hard to share your thoughts and feelings with others?

Are you experiencing numbness, irritability or feelings of loneliness?

Have you felt anger, blame, guilt, or regret in your grief?

Do you sometimes feel caught up in the “what-ifs” and “should-haves” about what happened?

Have you been avoiding reminders of your loved one, or do you avoid talking about them?

Do you sometimes hide your feelings from those who are close to you, or feel responsible for taking care of them?

You are not alone. Therapy can help.

One of the first (and probably most important) things you will learn in our work together is that so much of what you are feeling and experiencing is a natural response to losing your loved one. The loss may have happened recently, or it may have happened years ago. Sometimes we get stuck in grief and need support to find our way through. Other times, grief can resurface or intensify in new and surprising ways at different points in our life. Therapy can offer understanding, coping strategies, and a safe space to process intense and difficult feelings so that you can move through the loss, adapt to it, increase your confidence, and regain your sense of hope, meaning, and purpose. You can discover healthy ways to stay connected to your loved one without feeling consumed by their death. Parents and caregivers can also learn what to expect from children and teens who are grieving, how their needs may differ from adults, and how they can best be supported.

Lisa Hamilton, LCSW - therapy for grief and loss
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