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Therapy for teens and adults -  Illness

Individual therapy is offered for adults and teens who are:

  • Living with an acute or chronic illness.

  • Caregiving for someone with an illness.

  • Affected by the medical condition of someone close to them (i.e. a parent, partner, sibling or friend).

Lisa Hamilton, LCSW - Therapy for Illnes
Lisa Hamilton, LCSW - Therapy for Illnes
Lisa Hamilton, LCSW - Therapy for Illnes

Have you or a loved one been through a traumatic medical experience?

Do you feel like your friends or family can’t relate to what you’ve been through, even though you might want their support?

Are you overwhelmed with uncertainty or guilt?

Is it difficult to find the energy to care for yourself or do things that used to bring you joy?

Do you feel like you need to hide how you are feeling, or pretend you’re ok when you really aren’t?

Have you been avoiding school, work, taking medications or attending medical appointments?

Whether you are living with an illness or coping with the health needs of an important person in your life, you may be feeling depleted, overwhelmed, or lost. You may question your faith, your identity, or your desirability, or wonder how you will ever adjust and feel “normal” again. You may be craving connection and support, while also feeling distant from the people who care about you. You may have loving family or friends who care very much about you, but who are unsure of the right things to say or do to support you. You are doing your best to cope with a difficult situation, and you are not alone.


In therapy, you’ll find a safe, non-judgmental space to be who you are and feel what you feel. You may want to talk right away about what has brought you to therapy, or you may want to spend time talking about other things first. Therapy provides time and space for learning new and effective ways of coping, communicating and regulating emotions, becoming more attuned and attentive to your physical health, overcoming anxiety and avoidance, honing your self-advocacy skills, and staying connected to your strengths, passions, and aspirations. We will explore what is most important to you, and you will get the support and tools you need to navigate the complexities of the healthcare world, regain a sense of normalcy, feel more confident and in control, and create new possibilities for your future.

Therapy for teens and adults - Illness
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