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Life Transitions

Individual therapy is offered for adults and teens ages 12 & up who are facing a life transition. Examples might include but are not limited to:

  • Starting or ending a relationship, or navigating peer conflicts

  • Coping with a change in family composition (i.e. marriage, divorce, expecting a new child)

  • Dealing with a job loss or career change

  • Starting college or entering a new school

  • Moving/relocating

Therapy for teens and adults - Life Transitions

Do you feel irritable, stressed, angry, depressed, or disinterested in the things that used to excite you?

Do you experience repeated anxious thoughts that seem like they won’t go away, no matter what you do?

Have you had trouble concentrating or performing in school or at work?

Are you feeling disconnected from your friends or family? Do you struggle with how to communicate your feelings or needs?

Is it sometimes hard to identify how you feel or what is important to you? Does it feel like you’ve lost control of your life or your choices?

In our society, people are facing greater and more complex challenges than ever before. Grappling with a life transition may bring up difficult or overwhelming feelings of anxiety and emotional distress. It may highlight a negative pattern in relationships, school or work performance, or initiate bigger, more complicated questions about goals and values that may be difficult to answer. In therapy, you will find a safe, collaborative space where you can feel seen and heard, examine the root causes of your distress, learn to understand and challenge negative patterns in your life, gain important communication and coping skills, learn to nurture healthy, well-balanced relationships and explore the goals and values that are most important to you. Therapy can provide the support and guidance you need to strengthen your confidence and sense of self, find balance, regain a sense of power and control and begin to find your path forward.

Therapy for teens and adults - Life Transitions
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